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300 Lumen 3-D HP LED Lantern Light

Item No. : - 40457

* Operation - High>Medium>Low>Off [Press 3 seconds for SOS-Flashing] [Press OFF if stays at any mode over 3 seconds]
* Bulb Type - 2/2 Nichia white LEDs
* Battery Type - 3x 1.5V D alkaline batteries [Not Included]
* Accessories - Hanging hook
* Size -122mmx122mmx240mm (4.8inx4.8inx9.45in)
* Weight -858g (1.89lbs)(30.2oz)[with batteries]
* Battery Replacement -Twist the end cap and remove it from the unit. -Remove old batteries and replace three new 1.5V D alkaline batteries according to the polarity labels. - Twist the end cap back on
* Bulb Replacement - LED never need to be replaced.